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Assignments > Identity Journal 9

Due on Mon, 04/24 @ 11:59PM.

Choose one of the following scenarios:

  1. It’s September 2020. Due to COVID-19, classes have moved onto digital platforms like Zoom, and teachers are struggling to evaluate engagement from their students. They’re wondering if voice or facial recognition may help with this.
  2. Similarly, many therapy sessions have moved online. Therapists want to be able to support all patients during this time, but they are often at capacity and are now looking to train interns to be able to support more patients. They’re wondering if emotion recognition may help with this.

And answer the following:

  • Can you create a ML model to address this issue? How would it be used, and by whom?
  • Simultaneously, should ML be used towards this task? What would you need to consider? What are the alternatives?
  • Place your response in conversation with the readings and your conversations with your pod.